October 26, 2018
Stanton DeFreitas thinks of himself as a lucky man because he was able to experience and witness a wide variety of cultures as he was growing up. Thanks to that upbringing, Stanton now has a unique understanding of how the world can work. He thinks everyone, regardless of where they are from, is a citizen of the world, rather than just the country they call home. One reason Stanton DeFreitas wants to become a writer is so he can initiate discussions about many issues he believes are most important to society.

Among the subjects Stanton DeFreitas wants to write about include far more than just global current events, which are very important, but also international travel and international sporting events, and personal health and wellness. Put simply, he wants to bring different people together because we’re better off that way. He operates from his fervent belief that everyone should try to broaden their horizons in every way possible, culturally, academically, and spiritually.
April 20, 2018
Stanton DeFreitas tends to carry a very sunny point of view, primarily because he feels lucky for what he experienced as a child. He feels that he derived great benefit from his childhood, when he was exposed to and participated in many different traditions and cultures. He learned much from that, and he sincerely hopes to share his knowledge and wisdom with everyone. Stanton DeFreitas feels that exposure to many different ways of thinking has made him a great businessman and that it will, in turn, make him a great writer.

Above all else, Stanton DeFreitas feels it is impossible to find a human being who is completely unaffected by cultural diversity and the inevitable clash that happens when two cultural bubbles collide. That is why Stanton DeFreitas has shifted his focus to being a writer; he wants to use what he knows and teach people a better way. That is after al how Stanton DeFreitas has tended to approach his global business endeavors, which have made him more than just an entrepreneur. As a writer now, he hopes to show readers how we all work better together than if we all work separately, often at cross purposes.